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Off Broadway

Bears In Space

Thomas Ellenson

Quirky off-Broadway shows are my favorite, and the new play "Bears in Space" at 59E59 did not disappoint! 

Book: The title of the play by Eoghan Quinn says it all, it's a wacky comedy about bears... in space. A narrator tells the bizarre story (with frequent guitar-strumming interludes) as the three other cast members act out the tale (using puppets!) of two astronauts (who just so happen to be bears) and their journey to the planet Metrotopia, where they meet a villainous boy-king (played by Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson). 

Acting: The four-person cast (Quinn, Gleeson, Cameron Macaulay, and Aaron Heffernan) is immensely talented with rapidly-switching accents, puppeteering, and overall goofiness. They each play multiple roles and all have their own chances to shine.

My opinion: "Bears in Space" is pure joy and so much fun to watch. If you're a fan of campy, silly, sci-fi comedies, this is definitely the show for you. I give it 8/10 escapes. The play is currently running at the 59E59 Theatre through October 2nd.