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Off Broadway

Trip of Love

Thomas Ellenson

On Tuesday I saw the off-Broadway '60s dance musical revue, "Trip of Love," which is wrapping up it's 10-month run on Sunday. The jukebox musical mixes 25+ hits from the beloved decade with splashy dance numbers, colorful sets, and fabulous costumes from the era. 

Production: When entering Stage 42, the walls are painted in psychedelic pinks, greens, and oranges to set the mood for the experience. A blacklight makes the colors pop even more. When the show begins, the curtain rises on an Alice-in-Wonderland style plot where one girl goes on a surreal adventure throughout classic 1960s settings like a California beach, a go-go club, and a draft protest (among others). The pacing of the show is incredibly choppy, with different musical numbers introducing characters that are never seen again after the specific scene is over (the protagonist is not onstage at all throughout some of these songs). The thin plot does tie some moments together where the Alice character meets a boy, falls in love, marries him, and is later heartbroken when he gets drafted into the Vietnam War. 

Musical numbers: The '60s was an eclectic decade for music, and I like how "Trip Of Love" didn't just focus on one genre-- it had performances of popular rock, folk, and pop songs of the day. My favorite scenes included the "Wipeout" beach number, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," "Blowin' in the Wind," and "White Rabbit." 

Acting: The talented cast had amazing voices and were brilliant dancers. Standouts include the actor riding the Vespa who sang "It's Not Unusual," the actress in the red dress who guided the main character through her "trip," (I loved her voice!), and the actress who led the cast in the "These Boots are Made for Walkin'" segment. It was also fun to see Dance Moms star Nia Sioux in the ensemble, who had a few solo dance opportunities to show off her talented skills. 

My opinion: Overall, "Trip Of Love" was a bizarre theatrical experience that almost reminded me of a Vegas/theme park show, but regardless I enjoyed every minute and had so much fun! I give it 5/10 escapes. "Trip of Love" is running through Sunday, August 7th at the Stage 42 theatre.