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Off Broadway

American Psycho

Thomas Ellenson

Hello! It's Emma (AKA Emmaloucbway), and I'm so happy to be collaborating on Theateriffic and writing reviews. First up is American Psycho, which is sadly in its final week of performances.

Benjamin Walker is giving an incredible performance as the antihero Patrick Bateman- he brilliantly embodies the twisted character. Helene Yorke is hilarious and another standout in the cast as Patrick's girlfriend, Evelyn. Jennifer Damiano and Alice Ripley don't have very much to do, but it's nice to see them back on Broadway.

American Psycho is set in the 80s, so Duncan Sheik's unique score is in the EDM genre that was popular at the time (there are a few already-existing pop songs that also appear during the show). Highlights of the score include the opening number "Selling Out," "You Are What You Wear," "Killing Spree," and the haunting "This is Not an Exit." The Original London Cast album is on Spotify, and I highly recommend it!

The Tony-nominated lighting design for this show is honestly my favorite of this Broadway season. Projections cover the entire stage to reflect what is going on in Bateman's mind, and in some scenes add color to an otherwise monochromatic set.

My Opinion:
Overall, I am sad to see American Psycho close so abruptly, but it's a very dark and polarizing show so I can see why it never found an audience. If you're in the city this week, it's a must-see, especially for Benjamin Walker's performance and the fantastic production elements. I'll give it 7 escapes!