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The Curious Incident of the Dog

Thomas Ellenson

The curious incident of the dog in the night time is just brilliant. The cast is amazing. The set is awesome. But I didn't like the comedic relief.


The cast is super talented. I'm so impressed by Alex Sharp because this show is his first start on Broadway ever. He has to stay on the stage all time. He played a teenager with autism so well. Autism is a disability that is so hard to have in the world because people don't know how to understand you and don't always take you seriously. They think you are confused, but it's just that you have trouble expressing things.

I met Alex. I asked him how did you play a teenager with autism. He said that found what he thought was hard in life... And then exaggerated it.

I agree with that!! Everyone has things that are hard. He makes us all realize that.


My opinion is that the set is the best set ever. I'm impressed by my friend because he built the set. I told him that it's really hard to build it and I didn't even know how he could build it - when we talked about it one year ago.

My opinion

I give 9 escapes for my review.