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My Broadway Review System:

Plays take me away from reality, so my measurement system for reviews is for how many levels of reality do I escape. People go to plays to escape the reality of their lives. Here are my levels on how I rate a play:

1 Escape: It will help you forget a weird haircut :)
2 Escapes: It will help you forget that you don’t have hot water :)
3 Escapes: It will help you forget you missed your subway stop :)
4 Escapes: It will help you forget that your dog pooped on the rug :)
5 Escapes: It will help you forget your break up with your girlfriend :)
6 Escapes: It will help you forget work :)
7 Escapes: It will help you forget your body weight :)
8 Escapes: It will help you forget your family problems :)
9 Escapes: It will help you forget the last play you saw was really awful :)
10 Escapes: It will help you forget that you will die someday :)



Thomas Ellenson

I agree with everyone about Hamilton, it is just AMAZING!! It has the most remarkable music.

The cast is so talented. I am so impressed that they can sing hip hop. Jonathan Groff is a very talented artist who sounds exactly like the soundtrack. I met Lin Manuel. He is so genius. When I asked him how he prepared for the role he said "The hard part was deciding which role I wanted to play. Every time I wrote an Aaron Burr song I was like, 'I wanna play Aaron Burr!  This is dope!' That was part of it, but I think, I just a read a lot and a lot of the writing prepared me to do it. By the time I'd written the show I knew how Hamilton moved, I knew how he talked, and I just wanted him to be the most impatient guy 'cause as a guy who's pretty patient, it's fun to play a guy who's a jerk all the time on stage, it's really fun!

Also, Lin Manuel wrote the book. It is really good because it's emotional and awesome. I wanted to know why he wanted to make a musical based on Mr. Hamilton. I asked him that question. He said "Well I didn't know anything about him until I picked up his book, Ron Chernow's Biography, and I guess its cause he's a writer at the end of the day. He wrote his way out of poverty, he wrote his way into Washington's friendship, he then also wrote his way into fights with every other founding father, he then wrote his way to his own distraction. To me, that was sort of a cool tragic arc and I just felt like I know this dude."

Lin created the music and lyrics too. Isn't that impressive that he is in the show, and he wrote the book, the music and the lyrics? The music and lyrics are so good. I wanted to know how did he combine hip hop and soft music for both of his shows? I asked him that question. He said  "That's the fun part. The process was that I used all the music I love; hip hop music and I love Broadway music too. The fun is getting to assign hip hop flows to different characters, you know? Hamilton is very Eminem-ish and Rakim-ish. George Washington is more like Common, he's much more straight away. Busta Rhymes is Hercules Mulligan. There's a lot of musical theater love in it too. The narrator is Burr, the guy that kills Hamilton, like Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar."

My opinion
I give it 10 escapes for my review. It is a must see. It is playing at the Richard Rodgers Theater. Good luck getting tickets!!!!!!

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