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My Broadway Review System:

Plays take me away from reality, so my measurement system for reviews is for how many levels of reality do I escape. People go to plays to escape the reality of their lives. Here are my levels on how I rate a play:

1 Escape: It will help you forget a weird haircut :)
2 Escapes: It will help you forget that you don’t have hot water :)
3 Escapes: It will help you forget you missed your subway stop :)
4 Escapes: It will help you forget that your dog pooped on the rug :)
5 Escapes: It will help you forget your break up with your girlfriend :)
6 Escapes: It will help you forget work :)
7 Escapes: It will help you forget your body weight :)
8 Escapes: It will help you forget your family problems :)
9 Escapes: It will help you forget the last play you saw was really awful :)
10 Escapes: It will help you forget that you will die someday :)


Spring Awakening

Thomas Ellenson

Spring Awakening is remarkable. It is a beautiful and moving show. It is about sex and growing up in the 1800's. Another reason it’s remarkable is that some of the actors are deaf!



The cast is fantastic and a real team. Some are deaf and some are not. They were amazing. It was also especially meaningful because in the 1800's, people were trying to ban sign language. This show, however, uses sign language boldly and the cast collaborates in brilliant ways. The first way is that two people sometimes play the same role: a deaf person acts out the emotions, while another person, in dimmer light, speaks or sings the words. That makes you really see how one person can struggle with himself. The second way is that a person who isn’t deaf still uses sign language. That means their whole body carries the emotion of the words.

 Everyone on stage learned the sign language, even if they weren’t deaf. One of them is Austin P. McKenzle, who's the lead. He was excellent. Also this show has a woman in a wheelchair. She is the first person in a wheelchair on Broadway!!!! Her name is Ali Stroker. She was terrific!! I hope that Broadway will have more people with disabilities in the future.



The music is so good! The lyrics really move the plot along. Every song tells you something new. The songs definitely always do that. My favorite songs  is "totally F***ed" and "the Bitch of Living". The meanings are so true.


My opinion

I give it 10 escapes for my review. It is a MUST SEE!!!!!  Go see it before it closes!!! It's closing on 24th!!  It is playing at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Spring Awakening will really change your world and give you hope.